Taking Care of Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease


Global Healthcare Services, your provider of staffing and healthcare services in Medford, Massachusetts is dedicated to assisting individuals who have disabilities, injuries, and more importantly, those with medical conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease. We all know that this type of brain disorder is associated with memory, thinking, and behavioral problems. Ergo, patients suffering from it need a lot of care and assistance.

As a home care agency in Massachusetts, we follow a variety of steps to assist patients who have Alzheimer’s.

First off, we do our research. Learning about the disease will help us understand their symptoms and the other changes they’re going through. Since this condition is case to case basis, knowing whether the patient has a mild, moderate, or severe condition will help us design a personalized care plan for them. Furthermore, our live-in caregivers reinforce familiarity to the patients by implementing a routine conclusive of daily exercises, feeding time, and sleeping schedule, among others.

We also make communication easier for them by promoting healthy interpersonal communication using a calm voice together with non-verbal cues. Our home health aides also prepare healthy meals for them so they can get the right nutrition. We ensure that your loved ones are properly hydrated.

We encourage you to entrust your loved ones with us because we will take care of them. We can assure you that they will feel safe with us and that they will develop a sense of fulfillment through healthy motivation, companionship, and good interpersonal relationships.

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For staffing services, you can contact us using this phone number 781-391-0713.

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