Vitality of CNAs in Ensuring Quality Patient Care


Global Healthcare Services provides quality staffing and healthcare services in Medford, Massachusetts. We dedicated years of our lives to doing well in this field because of our passion to serve and help our patients in their healing process.

We hire the best healthcare professionals to deliver public and private duty services in assisted living communities, skilled nursing facilities, or at home. In fact, we’re still hiring healthcare professionals to join our team, especially qualified and competent certified nursing assistants, because of the current demand for their services.

The tasks of a CNA include assisting patients in feeding, ambulating, and positioning them in bed or chair. They are also in charge of providing various nursing care services such as non-sterile dressings, therapeutic baths, and heat treatments. Furthermore, they need to regularly monitor their patient’s vital signs and then create reports based on the results. Moreover, they are expected to follow the medical advice of doctors and to ensure that the administration of their patients’ medications is accurate and on time. Finally and more importantly, they should adhere to ethical standards set by the law and the agency as they carry out their responsibilities.

Our home care agency in Massachusetts will do everything we can to ensure that your loved ones are safe, satisfied, and comforted when they’re under our supervision. Our CNAs are knowledgeable and skilled, and our agency is equipped with complete tools and equipment to deliver our healthcare services with quality.

For home care and staffing services, you can contact us using this phone number 781-391-0713.

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