Subcontractor Services

Subcontractors in Medford, Massachusetts

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For Certified Home Health Agencies, Long Term Home Health Care Programs, and Hospice Programs, the changes in reimbursement have necessitated a rethinking of the traditional Home Health Aide staffing pattern.

This program provides sub-contract service personnel to meet the needs of the agency at substantially lower service costs. Personnel services include:

  • Personal Care Aide
  • Home Health Aide
  • Live-in Aide
  • RN / LPN Nursing Visit and Medication Services

Specialty Subcontractor Personnel Services

In addition to general subcontract personnel services, we have designed other innovative service delivery models to meet the needs of your agency. These programs are designed to solve common service delivery issues and can be tailored to your specific agency needs. These programs include:

  • Summer/Holiday Staff Relief Program: This program is designed to meet summer and holiday personnel shortages for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Certified Home Health Agency and Hospice programs. The program provides planned summer/holiday replacement personnel for the facility or program as their employees take time off during the busy vacation and holiday periods.
  • Regional Specialty Aide Program: This program was designed to meet specific contract needs for specialty care services in designated geographic areas. All personnel assigned maintain the Disease-Specific Specialty Training as requested by the facility /program and are geographically based to ensure community resource knowledge and reduced transportation costs.
  • Cluster Care/Shared Aide: The Cluster Care/Shared Aide Team concept reduces client task time authorization, assures effective use of aide time and reduces the cost of care. The model incorporates a team service delivery model, task oriented care planning and ¼ hour billing. The company currently maintains a variety of service delivery variations including high-rise building, neighborhood, geographic, and zip code models.

Excellence in Personnel Services

In order to assure that our personnel meets your staffing needs or your client’s staffing needs, we provide the following:

  • Personnel Screening and Safeguards
  • Disease-Specific Care Program
  • Corporate Integrity and Compliance Program
  • Quality Assurance and Performance
  • Automated Attendance and Task Completion

Personnel Screening & Safeguards

All Client Care Personnel are carefully screened prior to employment and we provide the following safeguards:

  • Interviewed: All staff are interviewed by our specially trained Personnel Employment Coordinators.
  • License Verification: All Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nursing Licenses are verified with State Licensing Divisions
  • Trained: All Nursing Assistants, Home Health and Personnel Care Aide Certificates are verified with the Training Institution or the personnel are trained by our RN instructors.
  • Reference Checked: Employment references are required and verified.
  • Screening: All personnel are Criminal and Drug Screened.
  • Medical Clearance: All required immunizations and annual health screenings are provided.
  • Continuing Education: All Staff receive annual Continuing Education / In-service Training for disease specific care.
  • Payroll Taxes: The Company is responsible for all Payroll Taxes, Social Security Contributions, Workers Compensation and Disability Insurance.
  • Insured & Bonded: All Staff are fully covered by Professional Liability Insurance and Bonded.
  • RN Supervised: All staff are supervised by a Registered Nurse to ensure appropriate care planning and training on medical equipment.

Disease Specific Care Programs

To better care for the needs of the clients we serve, our Registered Nursing staff has developed Specialty Care Training Programs to meet the illness-specific needs of your clients. We train our personnel in disease specific care in the following areas:

  • Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care
  • Diabetes and Care
  • CVA Stroke Care
  • Psychiatric / Mental Health Care
  • Hospice Care
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Care
  • HIV/AIDS Care
  • Parenting / Child Care / Maternal Child Health

Automated Records, Attendance & Task Completion

Complementing the Quality Assurance structure of the company is a strong automated service environment for record tracking and compliance. All data are maintained in an automated environment and supported by the Company’s Business Continuity Plan. All HIPAA compliant record maintenance is assured for all aspects of:

  • Personnel Record Compliance and Maintenance
  • Client Record maintenance
  • Client Scheduling
  • Payroll/Billing
  • Personnel and Client Record Auditing

Automated Time and Attendance

The Company pioneered the effective use of automated telephone technology that permits the company to track and record the home care worker’s attendance based on the telephone number the aide is calling from. The home care worker dials a 1-800 number and clocks in using a Personal Identification Number at the start of the scheduled visit and then again, at the end of the visit. In addition, the tasks performed by the home care worker are recorded at the end of the visit and stored in the Company’s database and later utilized for payroll and billing generation, thereby, eliminating the need for paper duty sheet.

Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement Program

Quality Assurance is the process by which an organization monitors all aspects of service delivery, identifies service issues, and then creates a multi-departmental plan for improvement. The performance improvement plan becomes the formal process for the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence. The company maintains both a corporate and regional quality assurance structure.

  • Corporate quality improvement committee: this committee is composed of senior management, departmental, and the regional nursing administration. This committee functions to set the corporate agenda for quality assurance and to monitor implementation the performance improvement plans for both corporate and regional operations, as well as to provide oversight for regional activities.
  • Regional quality improvement committee: there are multiple regional quality improvement committees that are chaired by the RN regional director of patient services for the respective region. These committees are composed of office administrators, nurse supervisors from the specified regions and corporate members from the corporate QI committee. These committees function to provide regional QI activities reflective of corporate, regional, and contractual quality improvement issues.

Corporate Integrity & Compliance Program

The Company maintains a Corporate Compliance Officer and its Corporate Compliance Integrity Program mirrors the guidelines and standards as established by the Federal Office of Inspector General for the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The Compliance program extends into clinical, personnel, and fiscal integrity monitoring. This Program defines the Company’s expectations of all its employees encompassing the Company’s “Code of Ethics” and “Code of Conduct”. All employees are required to follow the guidelines for ethical conduct, corporate integrity, and reporting. All employees are responsible for ensuring compliance with policy and procedures, as well as, all applicable federal, state, and local licensing requirements, rules, and regulations as issued by governmental authorities.