Meal Preparation Tips for Picky Seniors


Do you have loved ones who have little to no appetite? Encouraging them to eat can be challenging, especially for caregivers delivering healthcare services in Medford, Massachusetts. Immediate family members may get worried, but don’t give up! There are simple but effective ways to get your picky loved ones to eat. Read more below.

  • Eat at the same time every day.
    A regular meal and snack schedule allows you to invite and get them to eat when it’s time. It will also prepare their body to eat, especially if their daily eating routine is consistent. Do your loved ones need assistance with meal preparation and eating? Healthcare professionals can support them.
  • Serve nutritious foods in small portions.
    Try not to serve large amounts of food to avoid making the seniors feel overwhelmed. Use a smaller plate where seniors can eat four small meals instead of three large ones. Make sure to boost healthy calories by adding avocado, chopped meat, olive oil, peanut, and soft cheese to their food.
  • Track food preferences.
    By keeping track of what works, it will be easier to understand what food the seniors prefer and which foods they like the least. This way, you will know what to serve in the meals so they will be encouraged to eat! If you need caregivers who can help prepare healthy meals, a home care agency in Massachusetts can help.

Are you looking for professionals to help you or your senior loved ones? Global Healthcare Services focuses on improving quality of life and providing comfort for your senior loved ones. We also deliver private home care, facility staffing services, subcontract personnel, and more. Contact us at 781-391-0713 for more information about our services.

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