How Lockdowns Affected Seniors’ Hearing


Isolation and lockdown due to the pandemic led to failure in getting hearing aids checked or missing doctor’s appointments. This further led to anxiety, depression, and loss of hearing for many senior citizens.

It cannot be denied that many of us are having difficulties during this pandemic. Seniors specifically suffer trying to balance poor health outcomes related to COVID-19 versus poor health outcomes due to social isolation. This is why companionship services have become so in demand.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this service. Older adults with hearing problems, such as those who use hearing aids, may encounter more hardships. They may resort to not using hearing aids because they will assume they do not need them anymore. As a result, there will be a reduced sound input to the brain leading to auditory deprivation. The affected individual’s hearing will deteriorate and need extra effort when conversing or communicating with others. Our home care agency in Massachusetts can help!

As we offer companionship, live-in care, and other home health care services, seniors can get assistance with their hearing or communication issues. Know more about our healthcare services in Medford, Massachusetts today!

Call Global Healthcare Services and avail of our home health programs. We also offer staffing services!

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