Cognitive Exercises Your Senior Loved Ones Can Enjoy


To avoid dementia or Alzheimer’s, aging people must maintain their mental acuity. Despite the pandemic’s restrictions on activities this time, there are still many possibilities that can help replicate your elderly parents’ cognitive abilities.

Here are five activities that elderly family members can enjoy:

  • Group reading, if they are receiving or in private care, is a more manageable idea for the caregiver and the senior.
  • Flashcards or straightforward board games. There are numerous, enjoyable possibilities for this one.
  • Simple cooking, baking, or no-baking tasks. There are numerous recipe books and websites that offer recipes. They had to read while also putting what they were reading into practice.
  • Guessing exercises. The game is enjoyable.
  • Sorting exercises This helps seniors who struggle with fine motor skills and aids in memory care.

There are many enjoyable things you may do while also taking care of elderly family members. A home care agency in Massachusetts can arrange for your loved ones to have this type of entertainment on your behalf.

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