Top Tips That Can Help Avoid Falls at Home


As the leading home care agency in Massachusetts, we are experts when it comes to taking care of the elderly. Here are our recommendations on how you can reduce your risk of falling:

  • Stay physically active. More than the independence that exercise can bring, it can also help improve your balance, flexibility, and strength to avoid falls. So, consult your doctor about routines you can do.
  • Install helpful senior safety devices. Many affordable options in the market can provide additional support. You can install some grab bars in the bathroom and handrails in long hallways.
  • Seeking the services of live-in caregivers is best for those who live independently. While they can help keep you safe and assist you with your needs, your independence and dignity will remain.
  • It is also important to keep your home clean for better safety. Spills, wrappers, peels, and other clutter are big tripping hazards. So, tuck away cables, throw away clutter, and wipe away liquids on the floor.
  • Aside from the cleanliness, you should also ensure there is adequate lighting all around the house to help you see better. In line with this, your eyesight and eyewear need to be regularly checked as well.

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