Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors Aging at Home


Aging bodies may experience issues that increase the risk of falls at home, leading to injury or hospitalization. Notable issues include mobility constraints, vision problems, mental illness, and chronic conditions. We provide Healthcare Services in Medford, Massachusetts, to help improve safety and fall prevention for seniors aging at home. Some fall prevention tips families can consider include:

  • Give Away or Throw Extra Belongings

    Over the years, seniors can accumulate too many belongings, making living spaces cramped. Too many belongings can become a fall risk at home. Families can address this by throwing or giving away stuff their elderly loved ones no longer need.

  • Wear Sensible Shoes

    Clunky and uncomfortable shoes can increase the risk of falls and slips for seniors at home. They should avoid wearing high heels, loose slippers, and heavy shoes. Families can address this by purchasing geriatric shoes or age-appropriate footwear.

  • Make Sure There Is Enough Light at Home at All Times

    Poor lighting can cause seniors to bump into furniture, increasing the risk of falls at home. Families should make sure there is enough light at home at all times. They should replace light bulbs regularly and consider installing night lights.

Our Home Care Agency in Massachusetts provides reliable home care services to help prevent falls at home. For more information, you can call Global Healthcare Services ( Ntoh) at 781-391-0713.

Services you could expect from us include Hospice Programs, Home Health Aides , and Staffing Services.

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