Factors Causing Understaffing Among Home Health Aides


Home health aides are significant in any care team. They contribute to a patient’s overall home healthcare experience. Although their duties are necessary, many home health aides quit their jobs because of burnout.

As a reliable home care agency in Massachusetts, allow us at Global Healthcare Services to discuss the factors that may cause burnout and, potentially, understaffing among your team of home health aides.

  • Nature of the Profession
    Home health aides support patients in attaining recovery by assisting with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), personal care, light housekeeping, and in some cases, private care. Upholding their duties requires significant effort, with workloads that may overlap with their private life. Hence, home health aides are more likely to leave their profession if their work schedules leave no room for breathers.
  • Worker Dissatisfaction
    While most service providers focus on improving patient satisfaction, not all home health agencies highlight the benefits and contentment of their home health aides. If the agency continues to ignore their team’s dissatisfaction (whether on their growth opportunities, employment benefits, or salary), many members are bound to leave their current job.

Both factors contribute to understaffing cases many home healthcare providers face. As a trusted provider of healthcare services in Medford, Massachusetts, we tackle the issue of understaffing from a holistic perspective. To minimize the cases of burnout and resignation among our team, we incorporate a better care professional to patient ratio instead of cutting company costs and hiring fewer professionals.

As a provider of staffing services, we offer career opportunities for job seekers who wish to become a part of the home healthcare industry. Call 781-391-0713 to learn more about our open positions.

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